SKB Videography is being wound down.  We will continue to service
our existing clients but will not be taking on new customers.
To find a videographer, please check the directory at the Calgary Professional Videographers Association -

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Specialized Equipment &
Safety Certifications 

SKB Videography is equipped with special equipment for shooting video in cold winter conditions.
We also carry special Personal Protective Equipment for hazardous working situations. To view, click here.

SKB Videography carries  certifications for TDG, WHMIS, Standard First Aid and H2S Alive.  
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Online Internet Collaboration

Through the magic of fast internet connections and compressed video, it is possible to collaborate on the construction of your video project without leaving your office. The video is shot on site in digital format. As the project goes through the stages of the editing process, compressed digital video is uploaded to the SKB Videography web server. A link to the video file is sent to you in an e-mail and you view the video complete with sound, titles and transitions on your computer monitor.  If you wish to have colleagues comment, just forward the link for them to view as well. There are no delays, no courier bills and no stacks of video cassettes to clutter up your office. It's fast, effective and efficient. That's the way SKB Videography works.


SKB Videography provides tailor-made business video solutions at a reasonable cost.
Projects of any kind can be produced. 

Safety Orientation Video

Safety is a critical element of any job.  Show how the job should be done.  Simulate what can happen if care is not taken.  Make certain that working safely is on every employee's mind - all the time.  A well-produced video consistently gets the message across.

Event Video

Capture a video record of your organization's big events such as seminars, sales meetings, corporate anniversaries or a visit from the Chairman of the Board.  SKB Videography is equipped with high quality digital video recorders, video lights and wireless microphones to provide you with a lasting record of important corporate activities.  

SKB uses two cameras to capture a close-up view of the speaker as well as a longer view to include the audience.  We have developed a technique to process PowerPoint slides so they show up crystal clear at full screen in your event video.


Promotional Video

Promote your product or idea by showing it working successfully in the field.  Demonstrate the benefits.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Video shows 30 pictures per second.  Video can be streamed over the internet from your website with excellent quality.  Or present the video on a business card-sized CD.  SKB Videography is equipped to provide video in any of these formats as well as DVD.

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March 2012 

I first was introduced to Steve of SKB Videography in the spring of 2010. I was immediately taken by Steve’s professional yet jovial nature and obvious desire to truly listen to what I (potential client) wished to achieve.

I have since invited Steve to work with me on more than one occasion and am pleased to state that I certainly made the right choice in selecting SKB Videography to film and direct me in moving my business to the next level by capturing on film what I do and enjoy.

Although prior to meeting Steve I had never performed my work live in front of a video camera, Steve had a way to make me feel completely relaxed right from the start. 

Steve is not only a professional videographer, he is also just a “great guy” to be around. Steve and I have developed more than a business relationship; we have become friends along the way. I would not hesitate to urge anyone considering filming any undertaking, be it to showcase their business or even a family event, to contact SKB Videography first so that in the unlikely event they might want to make comparisons they have a bona fide professional model to compare other videographers to. Steve not only utilizes his years of experience to capture on film the best his customers have to offer, but is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing as well. 

I am looking forward to making my next DVD with SKB Videography in the very near future. 

Larry Neilson
President & Owner
Konfident Kanines Inc
CPPDT & RDOC Member 


Steve Blackwell

Member of:

Konfident Kanines Project

Thermal Systems Project

Plastic Works Inc. Project

Jagged Edge Entertainment Project

Strike Energy Services Project

Inter Pipeline Fund Project

MEG Energy Corp. Project

Gemini Corporation Project

The Quinn Advantage Project

Introduction to Marquetry Project