How It All Works


A preliminary meeting is held between you and your team and SKB VIDEOGRAPHY to discuss the objectives of the video, the scope of the project and locations for shooting.  Once all questions are answered and the plan for the project is agreed on, SKB VIDEOGRAPHY provides a comprehensive written proposal to outline the services to be delivered and the project cost.


Generally, video is shot at your plant site and in the field where your crews are in action.  SKB VIDEOGRAPHY is equipped with portable equipment and shooting can be done virtually anywhere.  We have shot video from aircraft, cranes, catwalks and heavy equipment.  We are equipped to shoot in cold temperatures and on sites where strict PPE requirements have to be met.  Have a look here for more information


The script is an important part of the project and SKB VIDEOGRAPHY provides a sample script as a starting point.  You customize the script to reflect the unique aspects of your company's activities and culture.  We assist with the creation of the script and help adapt it to give the most effective impact within the video.


The first rough edit of the video is presented with an amateur voice reading the script.  This video is compressed and streamed over the internet from SKB VIDEOGRAPHY's web server.  The beauty of this is that any member of your team can screen the video and comment, regardless of where they are located, as long as they have access to a fast internet connection.  Following your feedback, the video is re-edited and the script is adjusted until you are thoroughly satisfied.


The final script is voiced by a professional announcer and inserted into the video in place of the amateur voice.


The final edit with music, titles, professional voice and all the polish is presented for approval.  Last minute corrections can still be made.


The video is transferred to final media which includes DVD and Streaming Video for use on the internet or company intranet.  VHS tapes are available if required.

Because the process is digital, the video can be revised at any time with new information.  The cost to update the video is generally very reasonable unless there is a large amount of additional shooting or a major re-work of the script.